“Noel is one of those rare people who can combine a passion for something with a strong work ethic and simply ‘make it happen.’ There’s no task Noel can’t tackle!”

—Jene Luciani, National TV Personality & Best Selling Author 


greater than we

“It has been my pleasure to work with Noel D’Allacco and Operation Prom for many years. Noel has a gift for selflessly helping others and always doing more than expected. I like to think of her as a modern day Robin Hood, finding those that have and giving to those that need.”

—Susie Mordoh, Founder, Greater Than We
Event Planning :  Fundraising : Coaching


“I have had the opportunity to know Noel D’Allacco for thirteen years, I consider myself privileged. When it comes to people in need, Noel steps up to the plate and will make sure their needs are fulfilled.”

—Lisa Vitiello,  Insurance Agent



“Noel D’Allacco combines a powerhouse personality and a winning smile that people just gravitate to. She seems to move mountains, exceeding expectations with whatever tasks she puts her mind to. She is willing to use her experience to help others reach their business goals.”

—Katie Schlientz, CommuniKate Media, LLC and IntoxiKate.com Creator